Stop Snoring Surgery

Normalise your sleeping pattern and improve the quality of your life.

When you sleep better, you feel better

Stop Snoring Now

Snoring is not an incurable problem. All of our patients notice an improvement in their snoring following the treatment, and at least 80% of our patients say that they are very happy with the results of the treatment year-on-year.

With stop snoring surgery, sleep patterns will become more normalised, patients will be more refreshed when they wake, and partners will no longer have to suffer or sleep in other rooms.

The Benefits of Stop Snoring Surgery:

  • Enables patients to retain their uvula
  • Same day, one off treatment – patients are usually in the clinic for roughly two to three hours.
  • Highly effective treatment performed successfully since 2004
  • Long term solution
  • Inexpensive and affordable compared to traditional invasive surgical or laser ablative methods.
  • Relatively painless – a huge improvement on traditional surgery or laser ablation

Causes Of Snoring

Snoring is often related to a physical obstruction to your breathing during sleep….

Radio Frequency Snoring Treatment

Radio frequency for snoring is a simple outpatient procedure…

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It is critical that you receive the most accurate information at your consultation in order for you to make an informed decision regarding treatment options and to weigh up the benefits and risks. At Skin Medical all consultations are with clinicians who provide healthcare assessments which entails reviewing your medical history and healthcare regimen, and physically assessing the proposed treatment area.

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