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  • Treatments performed by Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist who is British NHS Consultant & Professor.
  • Professor with over 10 years' experience in Stop Snoring Surgery.
  • No sales persons. You will only ever see a clinician during your consultation, treatment and aftercare.
  • Clinic registered with Care Quality Commission.
  • Clinical consultation fee of £70 is fully refundable against cost of treatment.
  • Long lasting results using radiofrequency. As opposed to laser treatment, the patient retains their uvula.
  • Outpatient procedure.
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Consumer Watchdog Reviews Snoring Aids

Snoring Aids and Cures Are 'A Costly Waste of Time' says Which? Consumer Watchdog.

Daily Mail report on 26th May 2009 by Sean Poulter gives result of investigation into Snoring Aids and cures.

Snoring aid and so called cures are condemned by Government Which? Consumer watchdog as expensive treatments to cure snoring that can keep you awake rather than getting you a goods night sleep.

Nearly three-quarters of people who tried over-the-counter so called stop snoring remedies found that they do not work, a survey reveals.

The incredible lengths that snorers will actually go to,  include putting wires up the nostrils, electric shocks and even a three-month singing course. None of which have any medical or clinical evidence to support their claims.

25 per cent of people have had to move rooms as a result of their partner's snoring and 75 per cent of us find remedies don't work. However because most people have no idea what is causing the snoring, the chances are the cures they elect will not help.

Which? tried out various remedies on nearly 2,000 of its members and their snoring partners who suffer from excessive snoring to establish the effectiveness of their treatments. The products tested included a dental device that alters the position of the jaw, a plaster strip that clamps the mouth shut and a foul-tasting spray.

A Which? spokesman said: 'It's important to find out why you snore before buying a snoring aid. You may snore for several reasons so buying a single cure may not solve your problem and for that reason you should consult a medically qualified clinician.’

Over 50 per cent surveyed tried nasal strips, the most commonly used temporary aid purchased in an attempt to cure snoring, but less than 19 per cent of users rated them as fairly effective . An ENT Consultant said: 'This isn't surprising as most people don't snore because of a nasal problem.'

The snoring aids reviewed included dental devices that although only cost £50 they where ineffective and so uncomfortable that they were quickly discarded. Another snoring aid discounted as being a snoring remedy was a tiny 19ml can of throat spray called Helps Stop Snoring costing £11.99, but the survey reported a similar problem. Although he said it offered some benefit, he added that the taste was so awful he would not touch it again.

The Consumer Which? spokesman said: 'While some types of aid have a good basis in science, some specific brands such as Snore No More [a metal wire device that fits in the nostrils and opens them up] have no direct evidence yet to support their claims.

'Even where there is evidence to support a product this doesn't mean it will help all users as snoring occurs in different ways.'

Another tester used a Stop Snoring device from Lloyds pharmacy. It works by giving the user a small electric shock via a pad worn on the wrist, which it claims gets them to move their body position without waking up.

But she was woken 20 times in one night and was left with marks on her arms.

Snoring remedies are big business, with Which? research showing that 77 per cent of its members live in a house where someone snores.

Some 59 per cent of these say they suffer a lack of sleep as a result, while nearly one in four Britons has had to spend a night in a different room from their partner because the snoring has been so loud.


So to find out what makes you snore, get a free consultation from Stop Snoring Surgery by ringing 0161 839 7663.

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