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Why Choose Us?

  • Treatments performed by Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist who is British NHS Consultant & Professor.
  • Professor with over 10 years' experience in Stop Snoring Surgery.
  • No sales persons. You will only ever see a clinician during your consultation, treatment and aftercare.
  • Clinic registered with Care Quality Commission.
  • Clinical consultation fee of £70 is fully refundable against cost of treatment.
  • Long lasting results using radiofrequency. As opposed to laser treatment, the patient retains their uvula.
  • Outpatient procedure.
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My Husband's Snoring Was Cured With Radiofrequency Treatment

'My husband's snoring could rattle the bed. Now he's been cured by radiofrequency snoring surgery'

Read Victoria Lambert account a snorer and his snoring partner’s remedy to quiet nights sleep, published in Daily Mail on 29 September 2009..

Glen Hilton freely admitted that his snoring problem was transforming him into a desperate and lonely man. He tried all the snoring aids and remedies on the market without success. He agree with the recent independent Which? report in to Stop snoring remedies that said that these so called snoring remedies were ineffective and expensive – heavily suggesting that they were an exploitation of a snorer’s affliction. This together with the fact he had been banished from the marital bed made him do some serious research into the long term solution for snoring sufferers and their partners. He could not abide anymore nights sleeping alone on the sofa like a stranger in his own home. Mentally and physically he had reached the end of the road, his relationship was suffering and he and his habitual loud snoring was the cause of it.

Glen recalls 'At its worst, my snoring was so bad I could rattle the bed,' and there is no real comfort in knowing that about 60 per cent of adults suffer from this antisocial condition, called snoring. Snorer’s like Glen regularly get snoring so bad that they wake not only others that the cherish, but them self.

The 34-year-old from Leeds, Yorkshire, like many snorers, first turned to heavily advertised  snoring aids such as adhesive strips and nasal sprays. ‘These snoring aids are supposed improve the passage of air and keep the nostrils wide open when you sleep, but nothing worked for Glen not even the mouth guard that fitted by this dentist’.

Glen's long-suffering wife Suzanne, 36, first attempted to muffle the snoring noise by using ear plugs in bed. However, with the arrival of their three children, this was no longer an option and sleep became more vital – it was then that Glen was sent to the sofa bed for his snoring habits.

Glen recalls wearing a face mask and gum shields in an attempt to silence his snoring. This snoring aid also failed to make a difference. The nights on the sofa were causing him back ache. Glen says 'Your body can take only so much of sleeping on a sofa,' and  'I was a wreck, and never sleeping in the same bed as your wife can take its toll on your relationship.'

By now, Glen was desperate and his internet research lead him to a long term solution involving snoring surgery. The concept of Stop Snoring Surgery was new to him despite it being was since 2004. He went to see an ENT surgeon specialising in snoring conditions, who examined him and concluded the main contributing factor was Glen's soft palate and uvula- the flesh that hangs at the back of the throat to prevent food getting into the nasal passage.

In Glen’s case it was his palate shape and poor muscle tone on the back of this throat that was causing the snoring problem. The result being the uvula vibrates causing air passage to make the noise.

Glen was offered the Stop snoring procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. Crucially, it is less painful then traditional surgery under general anaesthetic and significantly cheaper.

How stop snoring surgery works: The Radiofrequency palatal stiffening - nicknamed 'snoreplasty' - takes about 20 minutes to perform. Glen was placed in a chair to keep him upright and given a series of local anaesthetic injections into the palate to numb it – just like at the dentist.

The ENT Consultant then inserted a probe into the tissue of the palate to send radio frequency waves into the soft tissue. This causes localised dehydration of the soft tissue, which the body heals with scarring. Over time, the scar tissue will continue to thicken and make the palate too stiff to vibrate.

'There was no smell or noise and it was painless and quick,' says Glen. 'My throat felt odd for the next day or so, but I was soon back to work. All I needed was paracetamol for the pain, which was no worse than a sore throat.'

'The Stop snoring surgery using radio frequency procedure is proven to be effective and a lot less painful,' according to the ENT Consultant. 'It is walk-in, walkout, with no in-patient stay or a long recovery time. Results are high in terms of noise reduction which is due to rigorous patient selection.

For Glen, the stop snoring results have been impressive and within ten days after the procedure, he was back in the marital bed. His partner Suzanne confirms that no more snoring takes place.

And now Glen is off the sofa, his general health has improved, thanks to radio frequency snoring surgery. 'My body feels 100 per cent better. I'd have no hesitation in recommending the stop snoring surgery to any snoring sufferer or their partner. It’s time to face up to reality snoring aids don’t last and over a year amount to alot of cost. I didn't enjoy the injections, but they were certainly worth it just to get a long term remedy to snoring.’


You can get the Stop snoring surgery using radio frequency technique ring 0161 839 7663 for your free telephone consultation with a clinician.

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