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  • Outpatient procedure.
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Sleep Apnoea

A snoring problem can be an indication of sleep apnoea, which is a potentially life-threatening condition and must be addressed.

Sleep apnoea, or 'sleep apnea', is a disorder whereby the throat ‘shuts’ during sleep, interrupting a person’s breathing.

Despite this, it is estimated that only 10% of sleep apnoea sufferers seek medical attention. The other 90% either don’t realise they have it, or don’t realise how serious it is.

It is believed that sleep apnoea affects between 10% and 20% of snorers.

Symptoms include:

  • Choking sounds or loud snoring during sleep.
  • Excessive tiredness during the day.

Sleep apnoea occurs most commonly in people with a BMI over 30, but can affect a person of any weight.

If you suspect you may have sleep apnoea, you should consult your GP at the earliest opportunity.


Obstructive sleep apnoea

This is the most common type of sleep apnoea, affecting around 4% of all men and 2% of all women.

It occurs when breathing is physically obstructed – usually by tissues in the throat – causing the airway to collapse.

This results in the following process:

  • The body attempts to take a breath without success.
  • Blood oxygen level falls.
  • Less oxygen reaches the brain.
  • The brain urgently signals the body to take a breath – often heard as a gasp by the sufferer’s bed partner.

Essentially, the body stops breathing for 10 or 20 seconds during sleep.

It impairs the body’s access to deep, restorative sleep and puts pressure on a person’s general functions.


  • High blood pressure.
  • Strain on the heart.
  • Tiredness and increased risk of accidents.
  • Lessened quality of life.


  • Obstructive sleep apnoea is worsened by obesity.
  • As obesity is increasing, incidence of sleep apnoea is also increasing.
  • If someone is obese and suffering from loud snoring or choking sounds during sleep and excessive tiredness, they should seek medical advice as soon as possible.


Other types of sleep apnoea

Central sleep apnoea

  • This happens when the brain doesn’t send the signal to breathe to the body’s breathing muscles. It tends to occur in adults with heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and congenital diseases. It is also caused by some medications and high altitudes.
  • Treatment for central sleep apnoea addresses these underlying causes.

Mixed sleep apnoea

  • This is a combination of obstructive sleep apnoea and central sleep apnoea.


Diagnosis and treatment

A doctor can test for the presence of sleep apnoea using the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, which is a common test to establish the severity of a person’s sleepiness.

If diagnosed with sleep apnoea, your GP will advise you with regard to appropriate treatment.

If you suspect you may have sleep apnoea, you must seek medical advice at the earliest possible opportunity.

If sleep apnoea is ruled out as the cause of your snoring, Stop Snoring Surgery may be able to help you discover your actual cause.

For more information, visit our About Snoring, Causes of Snoring and Snoring Treatments pages.

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