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Why Choose Us?

  • Treatments performed by Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist who is British NHS Consultant & Professor.
  • Professor with over 10 years' experience in Stop Snoring Surgery.
  • No sales persons. You will only ever see a clinician during your consultation, treatment and aftercare.
  • Clinic registered with Care Quality Commission.
  • Clinical consultation fee of £70 is fully refundable against cost of treatment.
  • Long lasting results using radiofrequency. As opposed to laser treatment, the patient retains their uvula.
  • Outpatient procedure.
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Viv’s Story

I Sounded Like An Express Train by Viv McDonald, 58, Leicester.

I started to snore two years ago. My husband, Andy, says it sounds like an express train roaring through the bedroom. Andy really suffered. He began to show all the signs of sleep deprivation, like becoming grumpy and finding it hard to concentrate at work.

I tried all the usual product offerings: nasal sprays, nasal strips, homeopathic treatments and devices worn in the mouth. Nothing worked, which was frustrating considering the money I spent and the pain that some of the products caused! Then I came across the Radiofrequency Treatment at the Stop Snoring Surgery clinic in Manchester, having done some more research on the internet.

The nursing staff and the Consultant Mr Jarrod Homer were extremely helpful and considerate during the initial consultation which gave me confidence that this was the right procedure for me. I was booked in for the procedure the following week.

Mr Homer confirmed that my snoring was caused by palatal flutter – the vibration of the soft palate – which made me suitable for the treatment. First he injected me with local anaesthetic, similar to being at dentist, only this was targeted at the soft tissue at the back of my throat. This was the only uncomfortable part of the process. When the area was numb, he inserted a bipolar applicator probe, a wand-like instrument, into different areas of the soft palate at the back of my throat for a few seconds. He did this in various places on the soft part of the roof of my mouth.

Mr Homer explained that the radiofrequency current causes a low-grade heat injury to the tissue, which reacts by hardening, shrinking and stiffening and so becomes less likely to vibrate. Secondly, he ‘trimmed’ the uvula to reduce the chances of air being obstructed while I slept. The process itself was painless and seemed to take only a few minutes . After 30 minutes sitting quietly reflecting on what had happened, I was free to go.

The whole experience was not as bad as I had anticipated, this was partly due to the understanding and care shown by the clinical staff throughout.

I had a sore throat for a couple of days but nothing that ordinary pain killers could not deal with.

For several nights my snoring was twice as bad – due to the swelling of the tissue - but it quickly settled down. Now my snoring has stopped. Our lives have been transformed and Andy is finally getting the sleep he needs.

Women shy away from admitting they snore, but I am thrilled with this treatment.

Andy says: Having a partner who snores can be very difficult. Not only is there the lack of sleep , but the snorer is completely unaware of how bad things are. It was only when I recorded her snoring on my phone did she fully understand.

Since that treatment, I rarely hear Viv snoring and get a full night’s sleep every night. It great I feel so much healthier and have more energy, don't get tired mid afternoon anymore.

Many thanks to everyone at Stop Snoring Surgery clinic.

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