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Why Choose Us?

  • Treatments performed by Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist who is British NHS Consultant & Professor.
  • Professor with over 10 years' experience in Stop Snoring Surgery.
  • No sales persons. You will only ever see a clinician during your consultation, treatment and aftercare.
  • Clinic registered with Care Quality Commission.
  • Clinical consultation fee of £70 is fully refundable against cost of treatment.
  • Long lasting results using radiofrequency. As opposed to laser treatment, the patient retains their uvula.
  • Outpatient procedure.
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About Snoring

Snoring may seem a trivial problem – and even a laughing matter – but it can have a serious impact on people's lives.

By interrupting the sleeping patterns of the snorer and the people around them, it can result in tiredness, stress and relationship problems.

It can even be a safety risk as tiredness can result in a lack of care and attention while performing everyday tasks, such as driving.

Snoring can also be the sign of deeper medical problems, such as sleep apnoea, which must be addressed with urgency.

Stop Snoring Surgery can help you discover the cause of your snoring and how to tackle it.

For more information, visit our Causes of Snoring and Snoring Treatments pages.

What is snoring?

During sleep, the body relaxes and air movement in the throat can become obstructed. As a result, breathing can cause parts of the throat to vibrate – producing the sound we know as snoring.

It can be severe enough to affect the snorer’s quality of sleep and loud enough to disturb people around them.

Habitual snoring is very common, affecting 30% of all men and 10% of all women; and these percentages increase with age.

For more information, visit our Causes of Snoring page.


The effects of snoring


The quality of a person’s sleep directly affects the quality of their daily life.

Tiredness causes irritability and lack of concentration, among other problems, which can be frustrating and even dangerous.

Relationship difficulties

Snoring is not just a problem for the snorer. If sleeping in the same room, the snorer’s partner can be kept awake, resulting in tiredness the next day.

If partners are forced to sleep in different rooms on a regular basis, it can be inconvenient and have a negative impact on intimacy and companionship.

Snoring can also affect family members or friends living in the same home, causing yet more widespread tiredness and resentment.

Social embarrassment

Any occasion where a snorer is required to share sleeping quarters with others can be stressful for them and for others.

Business trips, holidays and staying with friends can therefore all be potentially difficult situations.


Initial treatment for snoring

There are a few simple steps that a snorer could take which may help – but unfortunately none represent an immediate or lasting solution and can be difficult to implement, resulting in failure or dissatisfaction.

These include:

  • Losing weight
  • Avoiding regular evening alcohol consumption
  • Stopping smoking
  • Changing sleeping position
  • Earplugs for the snorer’s partner
  • Over-the-counter remedies to combat nasal congestion

It is vital to find the treatment that works for your personal situation – and the easiest way to start is to contact Stop Snoring Surgery.


Advanced treatment for snoring

Assuming you have had no luck with over-the-counter remedies and lifestyle changes – which rarely work and do not provide a long-term solution – it may be time to seek specialist professional treatment.

Reducing or eliminating snoring can result in better sleeping patterns; feeling more refreshed during the day; improved relationships; and superior general health.

Despite this, many people don’t seek treatment because they think snoring isn’t curable; or give up after a lack of success with short-term remedies – or because they’re just too embarrassed to talk to anyone.

But the solution could be closer than you think.

How can we help?

Stop Snoring Surgery at Skin Medical is a respected British snoring clinic based in Manchester.

We offer radiofrequency snoring treatment and radiofrequency blocked nose treatment, which we believe are the best snoring treatments available.

Radiofrequency treatment is highly effective, affordable and minimally disruptive.

For more information, visit our Snoring Treatments page.

To book a consultation, please visit our Contact page.

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